Introducing LOKI Diagnostic Tool for Tesla

A device for diagnostics of Tesla vehicles

Maintenance of Tesla models requires special equipment for diagnostics and repair. LOKI is – a multi-function diagnostic device.

LOKI has all the functions necessary for Tesla diagnostics and repair. It enables you to detect faults, perform maintenance operations, and expend the current functionality of a vehicle as follows:

  • Make a complete or partial reconfiguration of a vehicle;.
  • Install new firmware versions;
  • Install navigation and adjust the settings;
  • Read, decode, and erase, when necessary, DTCs from different ECUs;
  • Read PIN-code with the subsequent deactivation of Valet Mode and PIN to drive;
  • Reprogram ECUs to match them to a vehicle;
  • Adjust ECUs settings and perform their adaptation and calibration (door handles, a charging port, a radar, etc.);
  • Plus many more features as seen here: Latest Update Details

The LOKI set includes:

  • CAN Cables of specific configurations for Tesla Model S, Tesla Model SR, X;.
  • LAN Cables of specific configurations for Tesla Model S/X, Tesla Model 3.

The cable must be connected to both: the device and the on-board computer. To start the work, we need to connect the PC to the LOKI tool then add the WiFi to the device so, that the LOKI tool acts as a bridge.

LOKI is easy to install and operate, has an intuitive interface with free automatic software updates.

The manufacturer of LOKI provides free technical support via Telegram and prompt feedback from development engineers to all its buyers.