LOKI and Tesla Updates (Factory Mode)

Diagnostics and repair of Tesla require the use of Factory Mode. It shows all the information about the car – settings, errors, calibrations, logs, etc.

However, recently garage mechanics specialised in Tesla maintenance have got a nasty surprise: the software version 2021.4.15 released by Tesla has blocked access to Factory Mode via a vehicle. Currently, all the operations are performed via an updater – no scanner can provide access to the car diagnostics.

Almost no scanner…

LOKI has a factory mode, it pulls data from the vehicle CAN bus and displays them through the device interface. LOKI allows specialists to display data of their choosing, including those that were previously inaccessible in Tesla Factory Mode.

Find out today what the latest software version can achieve here

How to learn Tesla diagnostics with LOKI?

Specialists have developed a training course in Tesla diagnostics. Basic knowledge of electronics is the only necessary condition for taking the course. You can study how to use LOKI and Tesla online here