LOKI Tesla Odometer Adjustment

LOKI Version 2.6.0

Version 2.6.0, what’s new:

  • Secured Config MS\MX MCU1\2, works only with dumps read through PEMicro
  • Added Live Data and DTC removal function for MS THC
  • Added key learning for MS\X AMD
  • Added reset of Immo and Mothership key for MS (MCU1\2)
  • Added ability to edit the odometer upwards for M3\Y (in case it resets to 0)
  • Improved MS key learning procedure, no need for jumper on the relay anymore (details in the manual)
  • Fixed the operation of the car updater
  • Fixed Live Data for BMS M3\Y
  • Fixed key learning for M3\Y, mobile app now works properly

For Secured Config MCU1\2 you need to read the dump with a third-party programmer, because our standard cable was not originally designed for MPC5668.
Pemicro Multilink Universal is the best (Multilink FX reads and writes unstably). After reading/writing this chip, you should run validation, because these programmers have been noticed to have glitches in the form of writing/reading garbage.
Keys for MS\X AMD are currently working in test mode, please contact us in case of any problems.

The version has already been sent to all devices, connect it to WiFi and check the update button.

Loki Version 2.5.7

LOKI Version 2.5.7

  • Crash record clearing of RCM2 via CAN bus, supports all cars. (Exception – 1512876-00-E, which is found in cars at the end of 2022 and has no CAN interface to work with the crash)
  • Diagnostics of pyroelectric element resistance on RCM2, DTC operation, analysis of sensor status
  • Reading/analysis/clearing DTC on SDM and RCM1 units
  • Crash record clearing for VCFRONT Gen3\4 (AMD MS\MX\M3\MY)
  • Key learning (if all keys have been lost) via CAN on M3\MY
  • Ability to generate VCSEC certificates to install them on another vehicle
  • Activation of MOSFET in Lion 16v battery (AMD MS\MX\M3\MY). Works provided that the battery has not fallen into an Unrecoverable state.
  • Fixed Online Functions on 2023.6.8
  • Fixed the issue with reading CAN Live on MX
  • Improved the work of the ‘Unlock Port’ function (on the latest firmware GW constantly rebooted when the ports were open)
  • Added a BCCEN firmware downgrade function to work with MX keys on the latest software versions
  • Slightly changed the work of the Secured plugin, now country can be entered as any, also fixed the birthday analysis
  • The manual button now leads to the manual

To update, just connect the LOKI to the internet and press the update button in the settings tab.

LOKI and Tesla Updates (Factory Mode)

Diagnostics and repair of Tesla require the use of Factory Mode. It shows all the information about the car – settings, errors, calibrations, logs, etc.

However, recently garage mechanics specialised in Tesla maintenance have got a nasty surprise: the software version 2021.4.15 released by Tesla has blocked access to Factory Mode via a vehicle. Currently, all the operations are performed via an updater – no scanner can provide access to the car diagnostics.

Almost no scanner…

LOKI has a factory mode, it pulls data from the vehicle CAN bus and displays them through the device interface. LOKI allows specialists to display data of their choosing, including those that were previously inaccessible in Tesla Factory Mode.

Find out today what the latest software version can achieve here

How to learn Tesla diagnostics with LOKI?

Specialists have developed a training course in Tesla diagnostics. Basic knowledge of electronics is the only necessary condition for taking the course. You can study how to use LOKI and Tesla online here 

Online Training Course in Tesla Diagnostics

LOKI – a scan tool for diagnostics of Tesla – Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y. In addition to unique software and potential to work with the latest Tesla program versions, the device has a user-friendly interface and is easy to operate.

Specialist training is available giving the person learning sufficient knowledge and qualification for LOKI and Tesla diagnostics. We offer online training for £800 which includes link

Course in Tesla diagnostics with LOKI has many advantages, among which are:

  • Opportunity to study under the best professionals
  • Custom-tailored training that has already proved its high efficiency
  • Theory and practice just in the right proportion
  • Availability of training resources, including Tesla Model 3

It is an intensive two-day course during which you will accomplish the following:

  • Study Tesla design and configuration – Model S/X, Model 3/Y
  • Learn the battery pack structure and operation basics
  • Get a clear idea about vehicle ECUs and their functions
  • Get to know everything about certificates, applications, and software updates
  • Master Tesla diagnostic techniques using LOKI

Upon the course completion, the trainees get certificates confirming their qualifications. You will be added to the Telegram chat for technical support to discuss the issues related to Tesla diagnostics and get online consultations.

Follow the link to get more information on the training course in Tesla diagnostics.

Introducing LOKI Diagnostic Tool for Tesla

A device for diagnostics of Tesla vehicles

Maintenance of Tesla models requires special equipment for diagnostics and repair. LOKI is – a multi-function diagnostic device.

LOKI has all the functions necessary for Tesla diagnostics and repair. It enables you to detect faults, perform maintenance operations, and expend the current functionality of a vehicle as follows:

  • Make a complete or partial reconfiguration of a vehicle;.
  • Install new firmware versions;
  • Install navigation and adjust the settings;
  • Read, decode, and erase, when necessary, DTCs from different ECUs;
  • Read PIN-code with the subsequent deactivation of Valet Mode and PIN to drive;
  • Reprogram ECUs to match them to a vehicle;
  • Adjust ECUs settings and perform their adaptation and calibration (door handles, a charging port, a radar, etc.);
  • Plus many more features as seen here: Latest Update Details

The LOKI set includes:

  • CAN Cables of specific configurations for Tesla Model S, Tesla Model SR, X;.
  • LAN Cables of specific configurations for Tesla Model S/X, Tesla Model 3.

The cable must be connected to both: the device and the on-board computer. To start the work, we need to connect the PC to the LOKI tool then add the WiFi to the device so, that the LOKI tool acts as a bridge.

LOKI is easy to install and operate, has an intuitive interface with free automatic software updates.

The manufacturer of LOKI provides free technical support via Telegram and prompt feedback from development engineers to all its buyers.